What I thought I said: Worry about being a decent person, don't worry about people who are never going to accept that you make mistakes, and move on.

What I didn't mean to say but managed to: I don't care if it's racist, fuck the haters!

Public missteps deserve public acknowledgement, if only so we can remind ourselves of what not to do. And I think it's good to see people taking responsibility for things now and again even if we don't know what they're on about. I do not like being thoughtless, but today I was, and I am sorry. I didn't pay any real attention and missed a truckload or twenty of context. I will be more careful in future.

With that in mind, here is what I should have said: I've discovered that during the process of educating yourself, you say a lot of stupid shit. You have no idea why or how it's stupid. Some people are awesome about simply pointing at the stupid calmly and demanding that you look at it until you get it. Those people are changing the world. Some people will be mad. That's hard to deal with, but they have a right to be mad when you say stupid shit at them. Just tell them that you're sorry and learn from it; there's nothing else you can do. Some people just enjoy being outraged. They will come scream at you for the joy and ease of the screaming. Do not let them discourage you. Simply being prejudiced doesn't make you a bad person. Most people were taught bigotry before they knew ten words. Not acknowledging the effect one's bias has, and not trying to overcome it, those are the problems. Your job is simply this: keep learning and apologizing. Apologize and never say a thing again if you find it offends people. It is frustrating. You don't have to understand it yet. Soon you'll have a whole collection of things you don't say and a pattern will emerge. And what you will find is that as people discover that you are actively working on it they will help you along.