As some of you know, I'm moving to the Bay Area from northeast Missouri at the end of July. I'm taking some time this weekend to sort through my closets and craft supplies. I've been a craft supply hoarder for at long as I can remember, but there is some stuff I'm more attached to than others. Case in point: I have about 15-20 skeins of barely used yarn that I don't know what to do with. I guess I could donate it to a thrift store, but maybe there's another option? Most of it is basic acrylic yarn, so I feel like it doesn't have much monetary value (otherwise I'd try to sell it). Speaking of which, I have a huge stack of vintage knitting patterns. I was at a garage sale last year, and someone was selling a whole box of vintage craft patterns for like $1. I grabbed it, and as I was going through the stuff inside, I noticed that a lot of them were for knitting (I don't knit, but what did I say about being a supply hoarder?). Anyway, is there some sort of market (online or otherwise) for vintage knitting patterns? I have zero attachment to them other than I think they're pretty cool and too special to give to a thrift store. Help?