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Welcome To The Bitchery

This weekend the low pressure alert came on for my back tire, and sure it enough, it was pretty low. I checked all my other tires and they all could use a little air, so I thought eh, maybe it's just this one went out a little faster. Except that after filling it up with air, by the next day it was essentially flat again - it dropped like 20psi overnight.

I can't see anything that I picked up, but my car is a Mini and the tires are small and close to the ground so its super hard to tell, and I'm guessing that's what it is. The tires also have only around 1000 miles on them, so they're not worn at all.


What do I do, GT? I'm guessing I can take it to a tire place and have them patch it?? Do I call the dealer? The car is on lease so I know I get some service free (although the dealer is 90 miles away so this is problematic too - I'm guessing they'd refer me to someone closer)? This seems like one of those car things that is not that big of a deal but I've only ever had blowouts before so I don't really know the deal.

Did I mention that this all happened after I let my ex borrow the car for the night and on top of everything I feel fucking stupid for once again trying to be kind and having nothing but shit returned to me?

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