I KNOOOOOWWW. It's not US Thanksgiving yet but I usually try to send out my non family holiday cards and such soon after Thanksgiving to get it over with. I don't have many to buy for but one of my close friends has a boy (who was born on both Bastille Day and my mother's birthday) that will be one and a half around Christmas. I am his official faux Aunt Zap and he gets a damn gift! I usually would just get him a book but for the baby shower (that I shed blood sweat and tears over) in lieu of cards, they asked for books so his library is pretty stocked. Any parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, grandparents, and buds want to give me a hand? I thought about a Duplo set but now I'm thinking that might still be too old for him. He is also long/tall for kid his age so I'm always afraid of getting him clothing. Is tall a weird word for a baby?