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What to pack? Road Trip/Solo Traveler

On Sunday I’m leaving on a two week solo road trip, and I need advice on what to pack. I think I have most of the obvious and basics down, but I feel like there must be something I’m forgetting. What would you make sure to pack? Any comforts of home I should make sure to bring?

My route will be driving from Los Angeles to Mesquite Nevada, followed by Salt Lake City, Boise, Yakima, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Portland, Medford, and Sacramento. I will be staying in hotels in all cities.


What I’m already packing:

Different clothes and shoes for different weather

Car emergency kit + Auto club card

Health emergency kit

Maps and printed directions incase my GPS fails

Cooler filled with snacks and drinks

Blanket and pillow just in case I get stuck somewhere

Basic cleaning supplies (Toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, trash bag, etc.)

Camera, laptop, Ipod, GPS, and all chargers

Also, any tips for traveling with my laptop? Should I carry it with me at all times, or is it ok to leave in the hotel?

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