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What Type of Feminist Are You?

A Washington Post quiz has the answer for you. You should take it just to see what people answered in a national poll.

ETA: I got

“Hell, yeah” feminists


This group has the most passionate views toward the feminist movement. 98% overall identify as a feminist, and 43% say they are a strong one. “Hell, yeah” feminists are the most politically active group and see a very active role for the government to play. They place a higher priority on getting women elected to office; 95% have voted for a candidate because of their stand on women’s issues. Two-thirds say discrimination is the bigger thing keeping women back, the most of any group. 50% say there is a lot of discrimination against women today. 17% of all women are “Hell, yeah” feminists.

ETA 2: The Sarah woman in the video was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

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