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What vocabulary should I include in a post on Feminism 101?

About six weeks ago, I started blogging under my own name, which is pretty exciting. My plan so far is to lure readers in with pretty pictures and then surprise them with feminism.

Anyway, we all have special talents in life, and mine is winning people over to feminism by being all cute* and happy while introducing feminism to them in a straightforward, logical manner.

So my first post in my 101 series (which will be much more basic than Shakesville, which has taught me so much) is just introducing the vocabulary I use. I've realized on Facebook when sharing stuff that I throw around a lot of feministy words, and only when someone gets confused do I remember that not everyone has the same knowledge that I do.


I want to include both academic-ish vocabulary and feminist slang. So like patriarchy vs. friendzone.

What words do y'all recommend I include? What words did you not know when you first entered feminism? What words have your fellow GTers helped you discover? Like I'm including White Feminism, for example, and linking to NinjaCate's post on it.

All suggestions are welcome! Thank you! :)

P.S. I'm going to bed now, but I'll reply to the huge number of helpful comments I just KNOW y'all will leave for me in the morning.


*In college, the other members of our feminist group called me the "pretty feminist" in a half-serious, half-joking way, and sometimes I did stuff where I was kinda the "face" for our campus club. I have white privilege and pretty person privilege and Christian privilege and heteronormative privilege even though I'm bi, which makes me like a nonthreatening person to people dubious of feminism. I hate that all these privileges mean that people are more likely to listen to me, but I feel like I'd be feministing wrong if I didn't use my eternal patience and good lucks to teach feminism to the ignorant-but-not-hateful.

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