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This could be just because I’m feeling annoyed by everything today, but tell me, am I taking my annoyance too far with this?

I can’t stand when people, who want to show that they’re soooooooo cool they couldn’t possibly know who some celebrity is, call that person a “what” instead of a “who.” Case in point from the comments of today’s Dirt Bag:

What is an Alice Eve

And from one a few weeks ago from Mark Shrayber:


What is a [insert woman’s name]? She’s not a what, she’s a who! and it’s just RUDE! I guess it’s fine if you want to say you’re too hip to know who someone is, but at least show some basic decency and treat them like a human being!

ETA: super interesting conversations from those who both agreed and the majority who didn't agree that this practice is rude. I get that in some cases there is an attempt to be dismissive of individuals with whom you disagree. In the case of others, I'm not as sure why they would need to be dismissed. I guess I still don't think its funny or clever regardless of if someone feels that a persons comments justify dismissiveness.

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