Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

What was a Game Changer for You?

I was baking yesterday and I remembered when I was in high school and the first time we used parchment paper when baking. HOLY CRAP it was like music came from the heavens and our shitty baking sheets worked so much better.

I asked my parents for what for them was like a mind-blown game changer item. My dad said for him it was cordless drills. Makes doing stuff around the house so much easier. My mom said it was sulfate-free shampoo since her hair was always so dried out from the combo of hair coloring and harsher shampoos.


What are some things where you were like WHOA PARADIGM SHIFT in how you did something? Doesn’t need to be recent necessarily, just one of those “wow this technology is amazing!” sorts of things.

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