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What was the best compliment you've ever gotten?

(Bumping because this is fun!) I had a rough weekend and I know a lot of us are facing today with gritted teeth, so I want to do something happy. I want to hear about the best compliment you've ever received, the full story. Because we need to chose to think about good stuff sometimes.

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I'll start us off. My dad was catching up with a former coworker a few months ago and she asked how I was doing. I haven't seen this woman for...ten years? Maybe more? And he told her about how much I was getting into comic books, and how surprised he was when I told him about how male-dominated the space was, how badly female fans were treated and how few women were able to break into the industry.


Without missing a beat, she looked at him and said "So how many has she published?" The fact that she just knew I wouldn't be able sit there and complain but would have to get involved was a big ego boost.

(I'll proabably boost this a few times over the course of the day to get everybody's answers.)

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