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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What was your biggest and most unintentional dick move as a child?

Small children can be assholes sometimes. Often it's completely unintentional. Maybe it's a misguided attempt to "help" the Grown-Ups. Or it could be for no coherent motive other than a vague feeling that perhaps it might be interesting to watch the whole world burn, combined with a lack of understanding of consequences and other people's feelings.

When I was about five years old I got a chair from the cubby house and a pair of craft scissors, and "pruned" my mother's roses. Meaning I cut off all the roses. From every rose tree in the garden. Every single rose, murdered by a small child who thought this is what gardening was. I even left the corpses piled up neatly on the lawn. When my mother came outside to see what was going on she might have screamed a little bit.


Did you do anything as unintentionally dickish as this when you were a kid?

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