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I am re-watching Buffy to keep me motivated to fight evil. I’m currently on season 4. I love and hate season 4 - it’s when Buffy dates Riley (hate him and hate the whole initiative storyline so much it’s not even funny), but it is the season when Willow realizes she is gay and meets Tara. It is also the season with the episode “Hush” - which is one of my faves. And finally, it is the season when Spike gets neutered, and I really like that character.

Anyway, season 4 was filmed in 1999 - and I was realizing 1999-early 2000s were my favorite period for clothing during my lifetime (apart from the 70s, the 70s were awesome). To me, the highlights of that time included:

- cropped pants with cute trims

- layered and fitted tshirts (remember three dots tshirts?)

- platform shoes (but oh how I hated those black elastic and foam platform slides that went thwack thwack thwack)


- appliques on midi skirts

- ruffles

It was such a good time - it was a time when anthropologie had amazing clothes that I still wear today.

What time period was your best?

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