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What was your favorite school assignment?

Let's celebrate back to school and great teachers with a trip down memory lane: What was the absolute best assignment you got in school? What grade did you get for it and how did it shape you?

My junior year in high school, my English teacher have us all an ethnography assignment: we all had to choose a subculture that we had no prior relation to and immerse ourselves in it for a week, interview people about it, and write a 5 page paper. It was fascinating what people chose to write about! One girl who was 18 studied strip clubs, another guy studied professional car thieves, I accompanied a friend to his study of ravers, and a girl studied college athletes.


Being the late 1990s, I studied Usenet fandoms, when fandom was still in it's baby Internet phase. I got a 99/100 on my paper, only because my teacher flat out told me he doesn't like giving out perfect scores. But he did ask if he could use my paper as an example for future classes, which was a feather in my cap.

I still think about that assignment and wish I had taken up journalism, because I loved that ethnography study.

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