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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What went *woosh*

A local theater is putting on a Grease sing-along (and yes I will be going!**). In the comments section on the Facebook event for it a woman asked “is it kid friendly?”. It is an interesting question for me, because as a kid, I watched Grase ALL THE TIME. I was 12 when there was the whole 20th anniversary thing, so it was on tv all the time and I loved it. Then, I didn’t really watch it again until I was in college and definitely had that moment of “Wait, my mother let me watch this”. But, as a kid things so much of the innuendo or straight up sex talk just went *woosh*

Anyone else have movies, song lyrics, books, etc that younger you just didn’t get...shocking and scandalizing older you when you realized what you had been watching.


**Yes, I know he’s crazy pants now, but tweenage me will always be a little in love with John Travolta. I still have a thing for men with a cleft chin, and he is 100% responsible.

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