When you were a kid?

We're killing time till Homey's surgery so come reminisce with me.

I don't know about you but I definitely had a few movies I watched over and over as a kid. My childhood faves were a blend of '80s cheesiness and the classic movies my mom turned me onto.

In the cheesy list goes:

1. Goonies: Uh, duh. If you grew up in the '80s, it was practically law that you love this movie. And it's still good today! I love when a childhood favorite still manages to be good when you review it as an adult.


2. Monster Squad: Finally, confirmation that Wolfman does, indeed, have nards.

3. The Madballs: Escape from Orb: This was a half hour commercial movie about the Madballs escaping from Orb. Don't ask me why but my friends and I loved this! We rented it at least twice a month. Fun fact: As adults, Homey and I talked about this movie, shocked that the other knew about it. He told his brother I knew the movie and his brother said, "You've got to marry her." :)

4. Grease: It's the word that you heard, obvi. This movie didn't seem so racy when I was little but, OMG, that movie is dirty!


Then we have the classic movies my mom introduced me to. This will seem like a weird blend but, what can I say, my mom thought I was ready for some grown up stuff when I was little.

1 & 2. First, there are the musicals: Pillow Talk and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers were (and still are) my favorite musicals. I know there are better musicals out there and goddam 7B47B is offensive but what can I say? The songs are catchy and take a look at Julie Newmar as Dorcas:


Dreamy gorgeousness!

I can't remember all the state capitals but I know all the brothers' names, in order. Priorities, people!

3. Gaslight (the 1944 version): As a kid, I looooved noir films and my mom always knew the best stuff for me to watch. Benefits of watching Gaslight over and over as a young girl: it's an awesome movie, you learn that "bitches be crazy" is BS early. Drawbacks of watching Gaslight over and over as a young girl: you might become obsessed with the idea that our "sanity" is fragile and determined by other folks' perception of what's "normal," pretty scary concepts for a young 'un. Also, the fear that, at any time, someone might be trying to drive you crazy might be a bit much for a kiddo. Just sayin', Mom.


4. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane: I saw this movie for the first time when I was 7. Even as a 7 year old, I knew this movie was something important. After seeing it that first time, I watched that movie at least twice a year and, if it was on TV, I always had to see it. The performances, the storyline with its twists and turns—who could resist? Bette Davis is downright brilliant.

Alright, now it's your turn! Which movies did you watch over and over again as a kid? Have you rewatched them as an adult? Do they hold up?