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So I need to have surgery. Eventually/possibly soon. It's not pressing, really, but it is a decision that I have to make and can't seem to. Soooo, since everyone on here has such sound reasoning skills, and I'm currently lacking in that realm, I thought I'd ask some advice.

I injured my elbow at my last job at a native plants nursery. I just overestimated my physical abilities and pushed myself too much. I now have something called cubital tunnel syndrome, which is symptomized (made up word) in me as a constant asleep or numbness in my left hand's ring and pinky ringers, a lessening of strength and physical ability in that hand, and a general discomfort (varying in level) in that arm. I wore a Bionic Woman type splint for 8 weeks of the summer, but met with no improvement.

Surgery is the next step. It's not a major surgery, but it would involve a splint, physical therapy, and all the other things that going under the knife incurs (I hate surgery, possibly bc my mom has had 36 for her Rheumatoid Arthritis, possibly because anesthesia really does not agree with me). If I don't get the surgery, things will not get better, and they will probably get worse, but there's no knowing how bad. In the meantime, I have to be careful and not overdo physical activity, which is very hard for me. I love yoga, rowing, gardening, push-ups, and just generally using my arms.


Another complicating factor is that we're talking about having a teeny tiny baby (or a big robust baby, whatever happens!), and apparently this condition worsens in pregnancy due to increased overall body mass and hormones, and then obviously it's not ideal to only have one arm to hold said baby.

I'm at a point right now where I'm fully insured (so lucky) have met my deductible, and could, feasibly, take the time to have the procedure. But I just don't want to. My entire family is urging me to, but somehow I'm not sure that it's necessary. I of course googled Cubital Tunnel Surgery, just to know what the recoup was like, and a google image came up below, so now I'm also terrified of open skin, elbow tendons, and the general exposed inside of my body with knives near it.

I should reveal that I am the type of person, generally, who pushes past my limits- which is obviously how this happened. I never feel comfortable doing something extreme (I know that, to others, a pretty routine, none-organ-related operation is hardly extreme, but I don't even take Tylenol) regarding my body unless I know it's absolutely necessary.

Sorry for this being so long-winded. I wasn't even going to post it on here, but you all are so doggone wise and objective. I know that, in the long run, if I get the surgery, I'll be healed! Yoga again! Rock climbing! Just carrying an effing gallon of milk! But I don't want to have the surgery. Help, please.


Note: I should also say that the entire 'recovery' process, after which I could return to a normal but not strenuous lifestyle, is 6 weeks, and that I know and would trust the surgeon implicitly.

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