How do you guys spook up the joint for Hallowe’en?

My office (in the physical sense, not the sociological sense) has a very active management team and they love putting on activities for the holidays. On Wednesday, they’re doing this hall crawl thing where offices will be opening their doors to people in our building. We’ll too have our doors open and I’ve volunteered for the decorating committee. But I’d like some help on how to get the spook factory going without spending a lot of cash

We already plan on turning off most/all of the lights and lighting lots of candles of various sizes (as Dracula intended). We’ll get a spooky track playing, but that’s about all we’ve got for now. The office isn’t huge, but it would probably be a pain to get really ornate for just one night. We’ll be decorating pumpkins mid-day for team building purposes so we’ll have probably 6 of those around.

What else do you guys do to stir up some fright? Do you have specific spook soundtracks you can recommend?


I’ll close with this classic jam: