A student that my husband and I share has friended me on Facebook. He's not my student right this moment, so I accepted.

He's young, so he posts ... some stuff. I sort of roll my eyes and let it go. Just now, though, he posted this:

I'm sorry ladies, but sometimes you have to give guys a chance, let them speak what's on their minds, and don't think that every guy is a creep and shrug them away. That's how you miss opportunities of establishing good relationships.

To educate or to let slide? I know what he means (and he really is the sweetest guy) but I also suspect he doesn't know about or comprehend the concept of rape culture, or just how dangerous ignoring that "creep radar" can be for women of any age.

Is it worth dropping the energy on a relative stranger? Or is this time to smile knowingly and step back?

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Update: I got impatient and said something gentle that FLuterDude will be mortified by, along the lines of, "Talking to strangers holds a lot more risk for women than men. In lots of cases, using the creep-radar is the best way to stay safe! You seem like a good guy, but not everyone is! " I followed that with a link to Louis CK talking about the biggest danger to women being men.

He liked it, his roommate liked it, and they both said it was a valid point.

Kids are cute and I haz a warm fuzzy.