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What Would I Say - An Experiment in Poetry

Here's a poem. You might notice it's a bit weird - I compiled it from statuses generated from my What Would I Say results. I think it holds up pretty well, considering. Enjoy!

The ashes of Susan B.

I must be a huge amount of unspecified gender
From an undocumented worker in Iowa.
I must to get treated like the queen I am,
I must to consider this is pretty.


Sweet Raptor Jesus Christ Superstar—
Man of the ear = righteousness.
There's nothing more prolife than forcing women to go;
Even in academia there are no wifwolves.

I'll see if brains were.
(and a 58% increase in English)
Seems a noun was a terrible thing;
Only a drastic change in the night.

So I get to Niger, she gets twenty years and sometimes newfangled ideas.
What the excuse of the place? Because he is not easy;
But it's a thirteen hour filibuster. Wendy
Pulled off your penises.

Tell me when I start the old age. Am in sentry mode.
If anyone is made illegal, abortions would still do
A great deal, or kick the child,
Or maybe we ever want to be ponyful.


Every constitution, then, and every law – allow me to capture ideas
What the people in a distorted dreamcosmos of outmoded phrases from English
Against thoughtful, goodfaith argumentation and conscientious debate.
They could give everyone in Scotland a woman's home.

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