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Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ve seen speculation about what it will take to get the GOP to finally support an investigation into or impeachment of DJT. It’s truly crazy-making that they won’t, as Pence would give them everything they want — AND MORE. Plus, things would be calmer, so they could actually pass their stupid legislation. Plus, it’s possible the resistance would die down a bit because Pence “seems” reasonable.*

On twitter, I saw someone say it would take finding out he is really pro-choice. I don’t think that would do it - he’s still acting as though he is anti-choice.


On a blog today, someone speculated it would take him killing the grandmas of all GOP’ers. I don’t think that would do it. They clearly don’t care about women enough for this to matter.

I have two ideas of what it would take:

1. Kill the firstborn son of every GOP’er.

2. Come onto (as in, sexually) all the GOP’ers (esp the men).

What do you think it would take?

My current theory as to why they won’t investigate or impeach? They know that Pence is implicated as well - as are multiple other GOP’ers, and they fear that an investigation would lead to all of that coming to light.


*Not to me or for me - he’d put me in a camp to try to teach me to be a good straight little woman, so no thank you.

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