Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So i was thinking about the idea of a "Man" card this morning. Last night my fiance was over and she, my aunt and myself were watching "The Fugitive"( If there are fellow B5 fans here, it's a great chance to see Andreas Katsulas acting out of prosthetics. Sadly we will never se him bring G'Kar to life again).

This commercial comes on for some teeth whiting product. The woman in the commercial puts on her makeup and then brushes her teeth. I asked my fiance, that while i have no experience with such things, wouldn't it make more sense to brush first then do your lipstick? She agreed that it would. Well that got me thinking if such a thoughts would lose me my man card. WEll assuming i didn't lose it already for liking Tabaetha's Salon Makeover ( awesome show!). And that got me thinking of why there isn't a woman card. I never hear about women knowing unfeminine or unwomenly and losing thier women card. What kind of thing would it have it be. Something like knowing what Wins Above Replacement in baseball means or missing a coffee date with a girlfriend for a fantasy football draft. So keeping in mind that this is all in good fun, what can you think of that might lose someone thier "woman" card. Again all in jest and in good fun.


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