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What Would One Wear To An Honor's Dinner

At a college? It's not for me, don't get too excited.

Consort Fluffybutt's sister made the Dean's List or is receiving an award, I'm not entirely sure what (I'll find out next time I see her) and there's going to be some kind of dinner event on Wednesday at 5:30 at her college. Consort's parents can't make it, so he's going and he invited me along.

Since I'm a failure of a human, I've never been to an honor's dinner so I have no clue what the dress code is. I asked Consort and his response was "dress nice-ish."


*Sigh. Bless his heart. I love the boy but sometimes he's such a...boy.

Do you guys think "nice-ish" means, like, nice jeans and a blouse? Or does it mean a dress and heels? I'm fine either way, and in true fabulous Fluffybutt fashion, I'd rather be overdressed than under-dressed. I also just scored some gorgeous heeled, calf-high boots that I'm dying to wear, so I'm hoping they're not too casual.

Also, should I get his sister a gift of some kind? Personally I'm proud of her, so is this an appropriate time to get her something? If so, what?

For what it's worth, I asked Consort to simply ask his sister what she's wearing so I can get an idea, but as per usual I wanted to come to you all as well. Cuz I love you. And stuff.

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