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What Would You Choose to Erase?

I found myself stuck in the dentist's chair today when the radio station that had started so well (Quiet Riot is great for major dental work, btw) betrayed whatever trust I had given it & played John Lennon's Imagine. I LOATHE that song. I was really aiming to go through the rest of my life without hearing it again. Ever. Now I'm back to day 1. What got me through it was fantasizing having a time machine and erasing the song from existence.

Every fantasy began with the Tardis. Because of course.


I must have spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to erase an idea from existence. How to make him forget how to play it? Because clearly I'd burn all copies ever in a fire. Or many fires. All recordings and notes would be thoroughly destroyed. But how to get the originator of the idea to never have the thought in the first place???? That's a tough one. Is it a fixed point in time? Does it really have to happen? Because I say no. No it does not.

It can be destroyed.


If you had the power (i.e., a time machine) what silly little thing that may or may not make you crazy would you change? destroy? eliminate from existence? If you can't make it go away completely, what would you fight with every fibre of your being? (silly responses only, please. There are many problems throughout history that we'd all change if we could, but this post is only for the odd ones that most people wouldn't think about.)


Also, happy birthday, Mr. Hiddleston. We will celebrate later.

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