Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I received the oddest request tonight (well, definitely unprecedented, nothing else). A woman I don’t know contacted me via my work email after seeing my profile on LinkedIn. She and I are 3rd connections on there and in the same line of work. She says she is considering moving to my city and would like to meet to talk about my professional field in the area. A few added details that might skew opinions: multiple social media accounts dating back years corroborate her story, she clearly tracked down my contact information from my organization’s website, and she emailed me from her work email (she works for a large organization). What would you do in this scenario? I tend to be pretty skeptical of unsolicited communication like this but multiple things indicate that she is telling the truth. I’ve met people in similar scenarios, I guess, but there was always an introduction by a mutual acquaintance. I am not sure how to address this.

ETA: Thanks for all your advice, guys! I am tending towards meeting with her and you helped me figure out how to control the environment a little more.


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