Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

After yet another crisis down south, I have decided to say, fuck it!

I will still be caring for family and following through on obligations. But I’ve realized that I’ve been putting myself and my desires on the back burner because of the chaos in my life (and the expectations of others). So! I am going to start doing things which I’ve always wanted to do/put aside because of fear or family.


My fuck it list:

1: I will be getting my first cat by the end of this year!

2: I’m finally getting a tattoo! The first of many, I think!

3: I’m going to write a lot of goofy fanfiction!

4: I’m going to finish my novel, even if it’s crappy!

5: I think I want to do a boudoir photo shoot!

6: I’m going to take ballet lessons!

What’s on your, “what the hell, it’s my time, fuck it,” list?


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