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What would you do? Doggy Edition

Saturday, I was driving back over to Boyfriend’s house, and he and I spotted a dog on the side of the road. She had a collar, so we pulled over to see if we could find a phone number on her tag to call her owner. This dog was utterly emaciated. As in, count every rib, hip bones sharply protruding. This medium-to-large dog had a waist maybe four inches across, looking from above. She was covered in fleas that you could spot with your naked eye. She had a vet tag, so we called that vet, but their office was 120 miles away and closed.

The girl was a big sweetie. We walked her back to my house, got her some water, offered her some food, and all she wanted was pets and belly rubs.

I called the local vet school’s animal hospital, and they told me they would take her under their Good Samaritan program. We wrapped her up and took her over there. On the drive over, my boyfriend held her wrapped in the towel the whole way, and she was enough of a sweetie to not fight it. The animal hospital took custody of the dog to bring her back to health, and when she’s recovered, they told me she’d be transferred to the local no-kill shelter and put up for adoption.


Then this morning, I was driving to work, and not a block from where I found her, I saw a Lost Dog sign with a picture and description matching her. The sign looked new—very white paper, not torn and battered at all. I know it wasn’t there Saturday.

My dilemma is, do I call them? This dog was in TERRIBLE shape. Like I said, emaciated and flea-ridden. If this sign just went up, it suggests to me that she wasn’t being cared for properly in the home she was in. Do I let the owners know where she is, or let her get rehabilitated and put up for adoption, at which point she might either find a new home or then be located by her owners? What would you do?

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