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What would you do? PUPDATE

I went back on my lunch break and checked out the flier again. The flier said dog escaped on Saturday about a block from where I found her, a few hours before I found her. On the flier, she was just as skinny as when I picked her up.

With everyone’s advice in mind, I called the number on the flier. I asked the lady who answered when the dog had escaped, and she told me they’d already found her! I informed her that I’d been the one to find her and had taken her to the vet school’s animal hospital. She was so grateful. And it turns out there was a good reason for the poor pup’s terrible condition.

Pup had been found two weeks ago even skinnier and more emaciated than she was when I picked her up. At the time, she could barely walk. The woman I spoke with has been working on rehabilitating her. She’d taken her to the vet by her house last Thursday, then this weekend was in town, visiting her daughter. The dog had escaped from her daughter’s backyard while they were out of the house. They ended up searching the neighborhood until past midnight, looking, knocking on doors. Someone had told her they’d seen a little silver car stop and pick up a dog, so she knew the pup had been taken somewhere. She started calling shelters and vet clinics first thing Monday morning. I’m unclear if the animal hospital I took her to called her home vet and the home vet called her, or if she called the animal hospital and found her, but the point is, she got her back yesterday.


The lady was so grateful that I took her to the vet school. She said she didn’t think anyone would call her if they found the dog, as she didn’t know that she would have call an owner of a dog in such poor condition. Once they found the dog (who she told me she named Annie, as in Little Orphan Annie), they thought they took down all the signs, but they missed that one that I saw. Now everyone has closure! Yay!

Thanks for the advice, y’all! I heeded it, and it was happy endings all around.

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