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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What Would You Do? Thinking Caps On.

My mother had to get a routine blood test. So we like always went to the hospital to get it done.

My mother signed in. I was sitting in the waiting room.

A few minutes later a guy (lab technician I assume) comes out asking my mother to come with him.


I stayed in the waiting room.

Five minutes at most she returned.

We went back to the car. In the car she said this is what happened. The guy asked my mother if the trainee could take the blood to add to her experience. My mother said “no I want an experienced person” she told me she did not want someone who was not yet experienced to draw blood.


What would you have said? Yes to the trainee or no?

I know we should encourage and help folks gain experience on their jobs. Yet fnding a vein, sticking the needle and withdrawing blood is not something I want to partake in with a trainee.


What would you have done?

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