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15 minutes in the air and the kid next to me spills their apple juice all the fuck over me and the seats. I get out of my seat and the mother is calling the dad to help, but poor him is stuck in a middle seat 🙄. The people in his row offer to let me have their aisle so he can sit with his kids. So I gave him the fucking wet seat. But seriously, they didn’t even apologize! Like I was the one who made it happen because I didn’t switch 😡😡😡

AAAAND, the dad was telling people how the kids were seasoned travelers on flights as long as 10 hours. Really? Then you know better then not book seats together!



I’m on a six hour flight, and I paid extra for an aisle with extra legroom. The two seats next to me, two behind, and one in front of me is made up of a family of 5. They asked me if I would move into the middle seat one row up. I said no. I’m a bigger girl and that’s why I choose the aisle seats. The family was upset with me and bit passive aggressive about it. But I just don’t bad about it. I paid extra for this seat and it’s a long flight. If it had been an hour or two flight, fine. You’re traveling with a large family, you need to book your seats accordingly.

(I will admit I tend to struggle being empathetic sometimes).

**Also they didn’t even ask other aisle person behind me who is also sitting next to them.


Edited to add: maybe it’s pay back from my last flight’s brush with stardom 😂😂😂

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