Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi GT! This is my very first authored post here, thanks for having me!

So I wanted to get your opinion on what you would have done in my situation from a couple nights back:

I work in downtown of a major metropolitan city. It's one of those downtowns that is all office buildings and everything closes at 5pm. The area is usually pretty empty by 7pm, and certainly empty after dark.


Unfortunately, I sometimes have to stay late for work, and end up walking the one block from my office to my parking lot alone, in the dark, around 9 or 10pm. On one such night recently, I was waiting to cross the street when a homeless man walked up to the same corner. He was mumbling something, and I looked over, and he was looking at me and mumbling "pussy pussy pussy." The light turned, and I sprinted out of there.

Would you have said something?

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