YAY I GOT POSTING PRIVILEGES! I promise to wield them with honor and dignity!

I had a few ideas for recurring threads, and I wanted some input to make sure people are actually interested.

1. More posts about AS/ASD. Here is my first one. What would you like to know? Any questions you want me to address?

2. Ask a chef/Cooking stuff. Manstrophy offered to help me either do easy to read "How to ____" guides or do an open kind of help thread for cooking/baking things. He's kind of a walking food encyclopedia, so I thought it'd be useful. What do y'all think?


I've also heard people discussing:

- recurring PT threads
- grad school woes/help group

I'd like to contribute to those, if possible, so I'm not sure if anyone has made decisions about them.


ANYWAY, I'm excited to be a posting member of GT now, woohoo!