For a homemade chocolate meringue pie? I made two today and am about to basically offer one up on my FB feed. I'm thinking my ingredients came to about $3.90. Labor... homemade crust (vodka, lard and butter! THE BEST), pie filling (homemade custard, of course, with cocoa and baking chocolate), meringue... Priceless.

My meringue is delicious but not "the" highest and fluffiest ever. Sad trombone.

But anyway, of course it's not really priceless. Another woman in our town offers pies for $10 a piece, which seems pretty reasonable. I'm thinking $10 if you promise to bring my glass pie plate back, $20 if you know you're forgetful. I will track a bitch down if I don't get the pie plate back.


Behold, much pie.