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What would YOU want to hear on a radio show?

My show, Grand National Radio Hour is on today from 1 pm CENTRAL to 2:30 pm on the internet. The past two shows are on there if you are interested.

I'm playing stand-up comedy and music. If you're around a computer and would like to listen, I would LOVE to hear what YOU want to hear. What YOU'RE missing in your listening world.


When I last had my show, I was in school and had none of the animals or husband that I do now. So, I'm still feeling insecure and like a child with it. Like I'm trying to find my new identity since I'm out of school and kinda domestic. Yeah, it kind of reflects my outside life.

But until I find a groove, I've got a mix of New Orleans Jazz, Doo-wop, and alternative music for anyone who wants a listen. As before, an archived recording of the show will be up for anyone who wants to listen afterwards.

Thanks for being supportive and patient as I figure out who the hell I am right now.

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