Today I smelled fresh basil for the first time in a long time, and being the giant nerd I am, one of my first thoughts was "My amortentia would definitely have basil as one of the smells!" So, now I ask you, what would your amortentia smell like? For those that aren't Harry Potter nerds, what are your 3 favorite smells?

And, if you feel like thinking with me, here are some more questions. Both Harry and Hermione's scent profiles included the smell of somebody else; does that happen for everybody, or just that if you meet The One and they have a smell you associate with them (since it is a love potion after all)? How changeable are the scent profiles? Did Harry's change after he met Ginny, or would her third smell have been "some unidentified floral scent", only later realized to be Ginny's perfume (yes, I'm going by the book here)? Does the change only happen for big events, or would what it smelled like on Tuesday be different than it did if you brewed it and smelled on Wednesday.

For me, I'm going with the theory that the third smell doesn't have to be a person associated scent. So mine would be spring thaw (I know some people hate it, especially if they live near cows, but that smell is home and hope and awesome), basil, and clove.