Last night I fell asleep to documentaries about Windsor Castle (the snippets I saw of the wedding made me want to learn more about the castle’s history). Learning about the medieval history made me think about what a medieval wedding in St. George’s castle might look like.

Apparently, embroidered, colored gowns were the norm, with blue being the symbol of purity:

Perhaps something like this would be a good recreation?

If I were getting married at St. George’s chapel, I’d want to a dress that nodded to the medieval setting. Perhaps a dress something like this:


Or perhaps something like this:

I’d probably want to design a dress that looked more like a wedding dress and less like a costume, but keeping the idea of flowing pointed sleeves, embroidered borders, and some embroidered flower motifs. Dammit, if I’m going to be a princess, I’m going for the full effect!


What dress would you wear to fulfill your princess fantasies?