I am in a large east coast city, not NYC, and I am on a 1 year countdown until I leave. The only reason I ever moved to this city was due to my ex’s job. I have a few dear friends here, but the humidity, the winters, the distance to my family on the west coast...the good is not enough to outweigh the bad.

I love good and varied food in a city, being able to walk to a coffeeshop and take public transit to work. I love NYC, but swinging that rent on my own would be really cumbersome. I have lived in Portland and probably wouldn’t go back to live, though I have close friends/a sister in the area.

I am thinking Bay Area, but it’s expensive, I would probably have to take the California bar exam (unless I could go in-house), and that’s where my ex moved with the new woman. So. There are complicated feelings there. But then again, I made out with my oldest friend in the world’s cousin at her wedding last week in Seattle and he lives in the Bay Area and has asked me to come visit, so I am pondering that and if I enjoy the city well enough, I could be persuaded.


Basically, I am taking the next year to explore and figure out the what next. What do you love about where you live? If you could move somewhere else, where would it be? What are the biggest factors for you? How would you approach this type of search if you were me?