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What You Love About Your Partner That Simultaneously Drives You Crazy

My boyfriend is cheap. Like, so cheap that I had to sit him down one day and tell him to lighten up. This happened when he went back to visit his family over the holidays and got caught up in that bullshit Polar Vortex. After his flight got cancelled twice and rescheduled five times, the airline finally booked him on a flight that wouldn't be leaving for another fifteen hours. For his inconvenience, however, they gave him a big comp to a nearby hotel for the night. A really, really, really nice hotel. He calls me up and asks me should he take it because he'll have to spend $50 for the night.
Me: "Are you fucking kidding me? Why would you want to spend fifteen hours in an airport with a bunch of pissed off people? Sleep in comfort."

When I picked him up the next day, he told me he was glad he had listened to me. That's when I told him that he really needed to stop acting like some Scrooge; he's 31 with very, very little debt. He has a ton of money saved up and he never treats himself to anything! It wasn't going to break his bank to drop $50 on a hotel room. It doesn't hurt to drop an extra money on some higher thread count sheets. It won't be the end of the world to spend a little, as long as he's responsible about it.


Now there is a back story: he was unemployed for a year and it was a really bad time for him. He worked odd jobs here and there but he was super depressed about barely being able to support himself. So that's where some of this is coming from. But then he got his job.

I definitely don't want to come across as a gold digger, because I do well for myself, and his money isn't going to me. But as a couple, there was only so many times I can watch Netflix before I screamed "CAN WE GET DRESSED UP AND GO OUT?!!" I don't care if it's to miniature golf, I just don't want to watch another goddamn movie on a Saturday night. I told him that it's okay to splurge a little, especially since he never does it. It's okay, once in a blue moon to go to Costco without a plan (but only once because, fuck that place and their deals.)
He is doing much better and recently bought a new bigger screen television and computer (side note: he called me four times from Best Buy for reassurance on his purchases before buying it. That's how much he doesn't do this.) However, I must now introduce him to a thing called a warranty. Especially since he wants to mount the T.V. himself and seems to forget that we live in place where earthquakes happen quite frequently.


On the other side of that, my boyfriend finds some deals. Really, really, awesome deals and I can't hate on him for this.

What are some things you love about your partner that drives you insane?

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