Look fellow GT folks, here is what we REALLY want in a man.

I'm especially fond of this one :

7. Good Listener

A man who is a good listener is a true catch. Because women are more emotional than men, we love to share. We can talk for hours.

We have tons of stories to tell and we want you to listen to all of them. If you can listen to a woman, and I mean genuinely listen, pat yourself on the back.

Because we all know it's damn near impossible for those poor men to be able to listen to us blithering idiots women talk about our emotions all day. It's nearly a super power!

So, if you wrote this list, what would you want in a man? And did you find it? That man/woman who listens to your boring stories and tells you something interesting about baseball in return? (please god no)


(ps : Although in general every number of this list is pretty spot on- I'd love a guy who is kind, considerate, funny & a good listener!- the subtext is just head-shake material.)

ETA : Link is not linking for some reason, GAH KINJA. http://elitedaily.com/women/women-re…