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What Your Fav TV Show Says About You On A Date (UPDATED w/ours)

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I found this on a link from Facebook.


These excerpts seem perfect for our crowd.

Game of Thrones: You are extremely emotional, and Facebook needs to know about it.


Archer: You’re an asshole. But a really funny asshole.

The Office: You want to fall in love and get married, and you don’t care who knows it.


Arrested Development: You could never date someone who didn’t love “Arrested Development” (minus the fourth season).

Veronica Mars: You’ve had a hard life, but it’s only made you stronger.

True Blood: You’re real kinky, and totally open about it.

Scandal: You’re a workaholic who seriously needs to get laid.

Grey’s Anatomy: You’re going to have sex in an elevator and regret it.

The Newsroom: You’re a questionably good person, and you’re kind of annoying.

The Mindy Project: You’re so single it hurts.

How I Met Your Mother: You have a cheesy catchphrase for every occasion.

Parks and Recreation: You’re clever, but not as clever as you think you are.

30 Rock: You want a partner who can beat you at Trivial Pursuit.

Happy Endings: You’ve taken at least 1 improv class.

New Girl: If you’re a girl, you want to be Zooey Deschanel. If you’re a guy, you’re in love with Zooey Deschanel.


Homeland: You’re a woman who thinks you’re incredibly good at your job, but no one else appreciates it.

Cougar Town: You have a tight group of friends who love to judge people. Also, you have a drinking problem.


Girls: You’re a 24-year-old woman or a 54-year-old man.

Friday Night Lights: You sometimes think about quitting your job to become a marriage counselor.


Sherlock: During the date, you’ll mention Benedict Cumberbatch no less than three times.

Elementary: You haven’t seen “Sherlock” but you’ve heard it’s good.

American Horror Story: You still have issues with your mother.

Colbert Report: You can quote at least one line from a Christopher Guest movie.

Downton Abbey: If you’re a woman, you’re extremely sentimental. If you’re a guy, you’re trying to convince your date that you’re extremely sentimental.


And since we're helpers here at GroupThink, I've compiled many of our suggestions for shows that went unlisted. Keep posting in the comments and I'll keep updating!

Psych: You think dating is nice, but besties are for life (FridayFriday)
Person of Interest: You’re very paranoid, but on the plus side you actually are always under surveillance, so you’re not crazy (Darklighter/umataro42)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Everyone else is an asshole but you, but nobody will listen (Wax-tadpole)
The Venture Bros: Nobody ever gets your quotes and think you’re kind of weird (Iusedtobethatweirdgirl)

Fixed Firefly: Your last good relationship was over 5 years ago but you're still bitter that it ended prematurely (peachywithasideofkeen)


Fixed Doctor Who: You haven't come to terms with the mundanity of adulthood (NightcheeseNightman)

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