Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've been thinking about dinner all day, and it is barely past breakfast time, so I decided it was time to discuss food. Last night I roasted and chopped about a dozen green chilies, an onion, and 2 tomatillos. They've been hanging out overnight in a crock pot insert with some cubed pork loin and some cumin. When I go home for lunch I'll add some chicken broth, turn the crock pot on and tonight for dinner I will get what might be the best food in the world, green chili! I'm going to serve it with lots of tortillas and some queso fresco. I hope it isn't too hot, it's a lot of chilies in there, I just didn't have room in my freezer for any...partially because I already have 2 lbs of frozen green chilies in there. But, I like hot foods, green chilis especially. If it is hot, that's what the tortillas and cheese are for!

Breakfast was Noosa lemon yogurt (I don't like all of their yogurt, but lemon is amazing) and Irish breakfast tea, and lunch will probably be a hot dog (Ball Parks Finest...not that much better than normal Ball Park, but not bad hot dogs) and a pear. But, mostly those are just foods to keep me from going crazy with hunger before I get my green chili!


What are you eating today? Are you as excited about it as I am about my green chili?

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