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Whatcha playing?

I know there’s a fair number of us on here who play video games, so I’m curious as to what everyone’s playing right now.

I’m currently enjoying Bravely Second. I almost didn’t get it because the last one pissed me off so much. In the first one (Bravely Default), your team includes a dude who is just gross. Like, worst Tinder date ever gross. The developers play him up like he’s some romantic ideal, though, so you’re stuck with him being horrible to women and having the characters act like it’s okay. You couldn’t even swap him out of your party and forget he existed. You’re stuck with the same four people for the WHOLE GAME.


A friend got Bravely Second and assured me, after a play through, that Gross Dude was gone and that all of the characters you follow are perfectly fine. Also, he informed me that you an available class allowed you to use cats to inflict damage on your enemies, which, where have you been all of my life, awesome job class?

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the game. The plot is good, the writing is strong, and even though you ARE spending the game trying to rescue a woman, they’re playing with that trope by having her be the one directing her own rescue from within.

Also, there is a job class where you can defeat people with desserts.

So, what are you playing?

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