Because I am A Nosy Person, I would like to know: what are you reading? How did you hear about it? Are you enjoying it so far?

I'll go first: I've just started "Tulip Fever" by Deborah Moggach, which was a recommendation from my mother. Here's a review of it on Goodreads. I only started it over lunch today so I've not read much of it yet, it but I'm liking what I've read. I love the backdrop of the tulipomania of the Netherlands in the 17th century and the allusions to the famous artists of that time - these artists are present throughout, but they don't feel shoe-horned in. All in all a good read so far! I went through a real thing a few years ago for the novels that were set around a famous Dutch painting, but so far this book feels much better than the others of its kind I've previously read. I think that's helped by the fact that the painting in question doesn't actually exist, so the author isn't having to make up a story around a famous work - but the way she describes the painting did make me think a couple of times, "wait, I'm sure I saw this painting in a gallery".

In a similar vein, one of my favourite poems I studied in university is also about a Dutch painting ("Courtyards in Delft" by Derek Mahon if you're interested). There's obviously something about art from the mid 17th century in the Netherlands that lends itself to being reinterpreted in another art form. Well, there's a potential topic for the MA I'd love to do one day...

So tell me, what book(s) are you reading at the moment? Is it very unlike the things you usually read, or are you (subconsciously or otherwise) following a pattern? And would you recommend your current read to a fellow bibliophile?