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Whatcha up to tonight (plus a ? about rideshare services)

What’re you up to tonight? What’re you eating for dinner?

I’m watching the news and posting this to help me avoid having to do some work. Last night I made a dinner from GreenChef meal service (the first time you use them it is $50 off, so I got 6 meals for ~$20, which was pretty great - don’t think I will use them again, can explain why if anyone is interested). The first dinner I made from them was delicious - it was a pea pesto with a ton of veggies and wheat pasta. Very healthy, very tasty. Last night was roasted zukes, portabellos and amaranth in a spicy tomato sauce. Cooking amaranth is weird, y’all - I thought it would be like quinoa, but it was gooey and gelatinous like a super thick chia pudding. The tomato sauce was not great (I’m not a fan of tomato sauces) - so all in all, it was not good.

So, tonight I didn’t want to eat the leftovers and didn’t really have anything else in the house, so I ordered delivery from a Costa Rican restaurant (hearts of palm salad, spinach empanadas, passion fruit and vanilla vegan shake - and because it is a new menu item, a rum cake — which was freaking amazing!!!). I’m stuffed and will have to save the shake for tomorrow.


Question for the hivemind: I am flying to Boston this summer and then need to get myself to a town in New Hampshire where my mom will pick me up and take me to our family vacation spot. The distance is 100 miles. My mom will pay for a limo or whatever. I think I’d like to use a ride sharing service, but I’m not sure how it works for a distance that long. Drivers can refuse to go that far, right? And I think I read they can only take you 60 miles? Anyone have any experience/knowledge of this?

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