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What'cha working on, GT?

My current project is a commission from a friend’s mom. She bought all the yarn and asked me to make her a bedspread sized afghan. 2 shades of purple, a deep blue, 2 varigated -same colours but one is jewel tones and one is pastels, and all of it to be outlined in black. I’m doing it as large granny squares in a patchwork style. It’s coming together very nicely.

I finished all but one of the half-done projects I’ve found, and also made a baby blanket for my new nephew (he joined the family at 7am Friday! So tiny!) I’ve been crocheting practically every waking moment for the past 2 weeks. In the car, at friends’, in waiting rooms... My workbag goes everywhere with me!

What project are you working on right now? How’s it going?

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