Fridays I tend to fly solo. My boo works Friday nights, many of my irresponsible fun friends are already out drunk before I get off work, and it's my quiet me-time. I have to do a lot of smiling and communicating with The Public throughout the week and frankly the last thing I want is human interaction (other than through the lovely filter of a computer screen).

Tonight? I saved up a bunch of calories throughout the day (I'm on a dietitian's program) so I could drink some wine tonight. That's probably what she means by a healthy lifestyle... and I'm going to paint something. I'm going to paint something that I want to paint, instead of something that someone is paying me to paint. I have spent the last several weeks being a slave to money and PLZ I NEED A MINUTE.

So whatchu doing?


In other news, I kind of have been thinking it would be fun to run a "request night" where you guys give me ideas for paintings and I paint them. Like prompts, or challenges. My creativity has been a little stunted lately because I am a slave to capitalism.


Tonight I'll be painting some cheesy New Orleans scene to give to some undecided person as a Christmas present. Unless I get weird with it, in which case it will be a Christmas present for my brother or one of my weird friends (of which there are many). I also owe my grandparents a southern plantation mansion painting. They say they'll pay me but I don't like that idea. The reason they want paintings from me is because, sadly, my parents divorced and in the divorce my mother got all her paintings back (these are my dad's parents). I know why she wanted them back, but my grandparents have had those paintings since my mother was in college. I think they were hard to let go of so I've been trying to help them fill the walls. My mom doesn't like to believe it, but they are innocent bystanders in my dad's shenanigans just as much as the rest of us.

ETA the picture of the wine. Canvas to my to my left. Couldn't be bothered to go into the kitchen for refills.