I’m sitting here, dreading the start of a new semester next week, and looking for some things to take me a way for a bit. Any ideas? What’s good out there and really easy to get into?

Most recently, I’ve read :

Classy -

Felicity, which is the new Mary Oliver c.ollection. (It’s beautiful, but not my favorite thing she has done.)


The Sisters of Versailles, by Sally Christie. This is....not a good book, GT. And yet, I was super into it. It’s the story of the 5 de Nesle sisters, 4 of whom would end up as mistresses to Louis the XV. Awesomely, it’s the first in a planned trillogy about Louis XV’s mistresses. The next book will apparently focus on Madame du Pompadour. And you can bet I will be, ALL OVER that.


Your turn.