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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I’ve been having a really rough time since my move to NYC (it’s actually not due to my housemate!)- and I keep starting and then deleting posts about it all. Tonight though I assembled my dining room table (I had put it together, but the legs were wobbly - and today I realized the error and fixed it), and made the most amazing dish I have ever made and maybe ever eaten - arepas with black beans and a salsa of zukes, oranges, radishes, and onions. OMG! So, I wanted to brag about the tastiness and see what you all are eating that is also tasty. At some point this week, I need to head to a nearby grocery store that carries boozy ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream sandwiches and foods wrapped in dough (like empanadas, gyoza, bao, mini calzones, pierogies, etc.) are my fave foods. Boozy ice cream sandwiches though - sound next level amazeballs.


Above is a photo of my arepas.

Now I’m going to watch some parks and rec and then some Chris Hayes. Tomorrow is a new day.

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