Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


Iroh was supposed to come over for beef stew and cuddles but he woke up this morning with a nasty flu. It kind of serves him right for never eating vegetables and practicing Patrick Warburton impressions all day, but at the same time I was really looking forward to tonight. He won't even let me come over and bring him stew and medicine, even though I told him I'd be careful, quick and not touch anything bare handed. I've already had my flu shot, for pete's sake! He's so melodramatic when it comes to germs, I swear.

On the bright side this means he can't get on me for eating Ritz crackers and pub cheese for lunch....and I'm checking in on him tomorrow whether he likes it or not. His roommates would probably let him die in there and I wanna make sure he's eating ok.


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