I'm trying an experiment in inane posts. I'm going to put my to do list on here so that I have some accountability of the things I'm trying to get done today. I'll be editing it throughout the day as I accomplish things. (And also using it as a disctraction when I get overwhelmed.

Hedgehim has been at a three day "Launch" event for the beginning of his business school, so I'd like to get as much house stuff done as possible so we can take tomorrow off and so that I can also feel accomplished while he is off being smart and advancing his career.

What are you up to today?

My list:

clean kitchen - load and run dishes, clean pots, clean counters and stovetop

clean downstairs tub and sweep that bathroom

sort and start laundry - regulars, delicates, whites, pants, towels

clean off garbage pile on stair landing

take out garbage

take out recycling

take paint rollers to the basement

take paper towels upstairs

create meal and grocery list for the week

Dust the living room

Finish deep cleaning the kitchen (put espresso machine back together)

Clean Litter Box

Sort Mail

Shake dog blankets out and switch them

Bonus Picture of my squalorific pile of crap that I've been accumulating since we moved in. It is a mix of our own junk and that of the previous owner that he didn't take with him!

And my dog balancing asparagus on his nose. ETA: That's his "I'm listening to you about not eating this yet, but I REALLY want it in my mouth" face.