So it's Canadian Thanksgiving, and my Other Sister in Law is hosting. She sent out an email later in the week saying she was supplying the turkey, stuffing and gravy, and asking people to bring veggies, bread, potatoes and dessert.

To prevent the Annoying Inlaws from chiming in and saying "We'll bring the buns" and then bring day olds from the grocery store where she works, I said I would make a loaf bread and bring veggies.

ABiL said he had an idea for dessert. My OSiL emailed him and asked him I'd he could bring the potatoes as well.

His immediate reaction? "What's Mom bringing?" Followed by "I can bring a starch, but if I do, I cannot bring a dessert as well, because I am just too busy."

So OSiL responded and said "Really? You're too busy to make potatoes and a dessert with 2 days notice? Starch is fine, but bear in mind Ivriniel is making bread."


So since I was looking for an excuse to make a plum kuchen anyways, I am going to bring bread, veg and dessert. Lots of cooking for me today!

Weirdly, Mr. I has not heard a peep out of his Dad about Thanksgiving this year. Usually we have 3 to go to, one with my FiL, one with the rest of my Inlaws, and one with my family.


This year there hasn't been a peep out of him. Mr. Ivriniel dropped in to visit him on Friday night after work because he was in the neighbourhood, and he didn't say anything. It's odd. It makes me feel like something is up. Like there is some sort of passive-aggressive message there that we are missing. He's usually pretty big on having us (and the annoying Inlaws if he can get them) over for dinners. Time was we were expected over there every Sunday. That has slipped a lot over the past couple of years, but I am surprised he isn't doing something for Thanksgiving.

Oh, well. If we are obliviously missing some passive aggressive message, I am sure it will come to a head eventually. No point worrying about it until it does.